Understand client objectives and goals
Listening to the client is fundamental to understanding their objectives and goals.  We want our clients to succeed at their mission. 

Strive for a positive relationship between all involved parties which include the client, project consultants, the contractor, the community and regulatory agencies.

Constraints are opportunities
Budgets, schedules, codes, site conditions are opportunities that lead to design solutions.

Each project is unique
Take time to understand the unique challenges and root problems of a project and its site before beginning the design process; and when the design process begins, explore and compare alternative ideas.

Develop a concept
The heart of the early design process is generating a strong concept that addresses all the factors while highlighting the most important ones. By generating a strong concept, we create a critical framework for the entire project.

Design buildings to be efficient
Buildings that are efficient in their use of materials and energy are cost effective and protect natural resources.

Design buildings that last
Buildings can transcend current styles and trends when they are well crafted and attention is given to details.  Buildings that are well built are more durable and require less maintenance.

Make positive contributions to the community
Thoughtfully designed buildings have a positive impact on individuals, families, businesses, the community and the environment.




Armin Quilici built his nearly 20-year career in both Seattle and Portland designing residential, mixed use, commercial and retail projects.  He is licensed in Oregon and Washington and is LEED BD+C accredited.  He served as designer and project architect on university campus buildings with complex programmatic requirements, and as a lead designer on a number of prominent, award-winning mixed-use urban infill projects around Portland.  He was also design lead on the historic renovation and tenant improvement for Joint Editorial, a division of Wieden + Kennedy.  Armin is a Portland native and graduate of University of Washington’s under graduate and graduate architecture programs.


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